Awarded with glory hornor·Starting off with plan in mind----2018 Tianyang award datebook

OnMarch 28, General meeting (hereinafter referred to as "Generalmeeting") for members of the Listed Companies Association of ShanghaiJiading District was held grandly and achieved great success. "Shanghai TianyangHot Melt Adhesives Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "ShanghaiTianyang") won the "2017 best development award of the Listed CompaniesAssociation of Jiading District".


Asan important meeting of capital finance industry in Jiading District, it aimsat showing the outstanding listed enterprises in Jiading and uniting Jiading financeto promote the development of the listed and to be listed companies. Organizedby the Lsted Companies Association of Jiading District, the meeting had beensupported by Shanghai Finance Office, Shanghai SME Development Service Center(Listing Companies Promotion Center), Shanghai Stock Exchange, Jiading EconomicCommission and other departments.


Theimportant guests who have attended the meeting are, Standing Committee memberof Jiading District & Deputy District Chief, Mr. Shen Huadi, Deputy GeneralManager Xu Yilin of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Director Ge Dongbo of Shanghai SMEListing Companies Promotion Center, as well as over 400 business elites includemembers of the Listed Companies Association, representatives of industryorganizations and celebrities from all circles.



Mr.Li Zhelong, Chairman of Shanghai Tianyang Group, was invited to give a keynotespeech on environmental protection. Shanghai Tianyang has always takenenvironmental protection as its own responsibility. In view of the interiordecoration pollution caused by the extensive use of solvent glue or painting withvolatile components of harmful substances, Shanghai Tianyang created unique hotmelt wall cloth by using domestically advanced and unique technology for adhesiveweb lamination and hot melt materials to effectively prevent indoorvolatilization of toxic and harmful substances and enjoy better life.

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