Nantong Government Officials Visit Nantong Tianyang New Materials Company to Inspect and Guide Work

?At 10: 30 AM on October 25, Xu Huimin, Nantong deputy party secretary and acting mayor, took major officials from districts and counties along to come to inspect and guide work in Tianyang Rudong factory. Group Chairman Li Zhelong and vice president Liu Xiangdong accompanied on the spot. 


At equipment installation site for freezing crushing workshop, Chairman Li expressed his warm welcome to the presence of Mayor Xu and other officials. He also conveyed sincere gratitude to all officals for their help during the construction of the project. Then he made a brief introduction on the overall investment, production capacity, project construction progress and the company position in the industry of Nantong factory, and pointed out particularly that Tianyang Group is in the leading position in the subdivision industry of solvent-free hot melt bonding materials and we are the only listed company in this field.


Mayor Xu showed great interest in hot melt adhesive products of Tianyang and inquired about the product application field and the trial production of the first phase project in detail of Nantong factory. Chairman Li explained separately and in response to Mayor’s question of application, he focused on the wall cloth products from group subsidiary of Huiping company and introduced in detail for product formula, structure and function. Chairman Li demonstrated the ironing process of the hot-melt wall cloth on the spot and received high praise from the officals group.

Along with the imminent trial production of Nantong factory, the grand layout for group manufacturing transfering and production capacity enhancing are stepping into a new stage.

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