2018 Shanghai Tianyang Group half-year work summary & next three-year management planning meeting was held in Yantai

?On July 14th, 2018 Shanghai TianyangGroup half-year summary & next three-year planning conference was held inYantai. Principle of each department and head of the branch came together todiscuss with the chairman of market environment, competitive situation andstrategy blueprint for the next three years.


Along with the sharp rising price of chemicalraw materials in 2017, the market emerged many uncertainty, while infront ofall these challenges and opportunities, Shanghai Tianyang take up "layout+breakthrough+talent" strategy.

"Preparation for success". Thedepartment restructuring has sorted out the internal organizational structureof the group. Researching and developing new product layout to deal with therising price of raw materials, merging new enterprise to broaden businessdimension…… All these preparation are showing results gradually in 2018. How toadjust the layout to clarify the direction of the pointer will be the key work forall the principles.

"Breakthrough before triumph". Underthe severe market environment, to seek the goal of "hoisting sails tocross the sea bravely", all the leaders should be able to break throughtheir familiar market thinking, customer thinking and management thinking toarrange the current people and product structure from the present standing offuture sight and strat from future goals. Along with the publishment of 531 newpolicy in EVA industry, our New Energy Dept. quickly adjusted businessstrategy, focused on sales main tasks and adjusted customer structure. YantaiSeayu and other departments have also concentrated on seeking new markets andprojects to create positive conditions for the implementation of the Group'sthree-year plan. The future is clearly visible, while we need to unite as oneto advance our own way in this bumpy journey.

"Awing the cenozoic". The chairman identifiedclearly for the impotance of the talent and fresh blood for company development.The strategic talent reserve and plan may have decisive significance forachieving company's blueprint. At the meeting, our executives stressed toincrease the inputting of R & D and sales, to meanwhile ensure rapidbusiness growth to prepare for the next five-year plan.


Management leaders of Yantai Seayu are quite interestedin Tianyang culture and has interviewed the chairman on site. The chairman putout that Tianyang has always valued and devoted to create positive andoptimistic culture to provide a platform for Tianyang people to display talentsand realize personal value. Talent is treasure for Tianyang. On the one hand,we actively abasobing new talents from various channels and on the other hand,we cultivate current people to exploit the potential. The chairman alsoadvocates reading more and reading good since reading and learning is aneffective way for self promotion.


In July 2018, Yantai witnessed a new startingpoint and new course of Tianyang. We believe that in the near future, we willcontinue to see more achievements of Tianyang people to blaze their waysthrought all the difficulties.

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