Dr. Zheng Renfeng, director of Shanghai Tianyang Group Research Institute, was invited to "2018 China Hot Melt Adhesives Professional Summit" and delivered a speech.

?On March 20-22, 2018 ChinaHot Melt adhesives Professional Summit was held at New Century Grand HotelNingbo, aiming to promote the high quality development of key raw materials ofhot melt adhesives. China National Adhesives & Belts Industry Association, theorganizer, has invited hundreds of entrepreneurs and technical experts to discussthe innovative technology, terminal application and development direction ofhot melt bonding materials.


Dr. Zheng Renfeng, Directorof Shanghai Tianyang Research Institute, was invited to give a lecture on"environmentally friendly PUR Hot Melt adhesive and its application"and shared the latest research results in PUR field of Shanghai Tianyang, healso shared product application experience in textile, carpentry decoration,electronics, automobilie, shoe and other fields.


Dr. Zhang Yongjian, GeneralManager of Shanghai Tianyang PUR Division, was invited to the guest interview. Wheninquired about the future market prospects of environmentally friendly PUR, Dr.Zhang expressed that this product has unique designability and enough imaginaryspace to meet the needs of different materials and properties. So as a categoryof adhesives, we are very confident for environmentally friendly PUR to getvigorous development and broad prospect. Shanghai Tianyang possesses R & Dstrength to fufill customized needds for different areas.


The Summit invited home andabroad famous enterprises like Henkel, Sika, Exxon Mobil, Evonic, ShanghaiTianyang, Hangzhou Renhe, etc. to hold 22 wonderful and professional market& technical reports and organize a high standard guest interview.

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